Monday, December 7, 2009

Thank you NYC and LA!

Hey Folks...
I just want to thank all my fans for turning out to my New York Show at Santos Party House!

That's just how I like to do it! 4 hours!
Please check out our friends at the Participant Gallery who made it all possible.

And be on the look out for my new fragrance, "Clifton" It'll be in Target soon, for a dollar-ninety-eight!

I'm also very glad I got over my surgery and could make it out for Lynn Margulies' book signing and ode to Kaufman. Why I care, I don't know. I couldn't stand that bastard!
I'm just glad you got to see me!

Ok, get outta' here!


  1. Please Mr Clifton; a show in Finland in the near future..?

  2. Yeah..another Finn would love to see you here...
    even though I saw you recently in NYC.
    But you would be loved (or maybe hated lol ) here in the north side of the Earth


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